2014, Romania, 27 minutes
High-definition video
Short documentary

produced by: Anthropoesis Films Longocampo Dox

Director: Francesco Ferri
Producer: Ionuţ Piţurescu
Anthropologist: Olympia Gauguet
Sound: Delia Oniga
Cinematography: Francesco Ferri
Editor: Delia Oniga
Production Assistant: Alexandru Hagi

Special thanks to the Triboi’s family: Nicolas, Roxanna, Maria and Porfir


Nicolas is a pretty original young dad, son of a Romanian but born and raised in France, He has set up home and family in a remote countryside of Romania, in the little village of his wife Roxanne. He loves nature and in spite ffor his job he would be more comfortable staying in the city he decided to live in the country especially to spend more time at home with their children, to make them grow in a more authentic enviroment and for have some freetime for his passion for motocross.
The film follows the relationship that Nicolas has with his two children Maria and Porfir to investigate the problems and concerns of fathehood: Maria a very lively little girl who seems more interested in learning from life than from textbooks and Porfir, smaller , struggling with the thought of the healing of a goat, which is very fond of, who was bitten by a wolf.


The film was made during Longocampo Dox, residence of visual anthropology in a rural area in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains in Romania.
It is a film that leaves the door open to reality, to the spontaneity and the authenticity of the situations that we encountered, to that unexpected “revelations” of the characters that act more on the emotional part of the spectator instead of the rational one.
That of Super Papa is a narration made of residue, than the assumption that fragmentation is an inevitable base condition of knowledge. Often of long scenes all that remains is only a shot: a walk, a gaze, a gesture or a silence. What matters is the evocative reminder of the experienced situation, the only true, what emotionally remain in the images.
There is no claim to know the main character not even the will to judge him, the only thing we can do is to stay with him, close enough, wait, follow him, reach a silent intimacy, spend time together, observe him and then leave. It is a performative film, not an objective point of view, but with him, trembling, alive. What remains despite the proximity is a distance.


FilmMakerFest 2015, Milano
Social Plus Festival 2016, Mogoro OR